One direction quiz who would you hook up with at a party

What do you do?

Laugh Gasp and wait for him to excuse himself! It was an accident. How does he apologize?

Serenades me with a song he wrote Writes a really personal letter Takes me to an ultra-fancy restaurant Plans a big last-minute trip. The chase Being swept off my feet Being treated like a princess Feeling like I can always be myself.

What type of party would you most like to go to?

What does he do? Tells me all the fun stuff he's done Asks me about my week Apologizes for being late Flashes that winning smile. What kind of story is it?

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Girl falls for troubled boy Girl meets shy guy, who sweeps her off her feet Girl falls for her best friend Girl gets whisked away by a rich millionare. All the cool trips we can take together Being popular Having elegant parties Having the chance to meet and learn from important people. Get new quizzes every day. I'm up for that.

Which member of One Direction would want to hook up with you and how?

Quote Band Member 'I used to have an imaginary friend, called Michael. She dumped me the next day.

What type of personality do you look for in a boy?

Oh my god, this is great! Like, 'Get me the Big Mac?

Which one direction boy would you hook up with at a party???

Mine, however, is 'Who Let the Dogs Out'''. Sorry, we get jealous easily. Take it or leave it.

Never Have I Ever with One Direction

Right in the balls! That's what I'm talking about! I brought them down to THE gym to get some workout. I got my first bra!

Who Is Your One Direction Match?

In response to a bandmate saying they'd be invisible as a superpower: Because he was a fun-guy! Vas happenin Mick Jagger? Quote Band Member ' You called it a pussy, didn't you? This woman is trying to steal our award!

What type of personality do you look for in a boy?

Who can resist that bum? So I'm just trying to be a bit more serious. He truly is a power ranger!