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Your exhibitors will base their desire to return to your event next year on their return on investment of attendance. With matchmaking software, you can run reports on the networking and messaging taking place to give you better insights into the networking activity. Provide at-a-glance personal schedules. Use tech that gives attendees and exhibitors an easy way to see all of their appointments with quick clicks to individual records. Having an area where the person can take private notes on the experience after the meeting can help everyone get the most out of the opportunities.

Before your event, attendees are terribly excited about it and often have more time than they will once they are there.

What is Business Matchmaking?

Make your life easier. Most attendees want to meet other like-minded attendees and some exhibitors may have business needs with other exhibitors.

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Make it easy for them to connect before the event with your matchmaking software. Letting them set up things ahead of time will give them more structure in their schedule. Use speed dating sessions. In these situations, you can create mini events within the event using fun concepts like speed dating and ice-breaking games. Allow attendees to research as well. You probably allow exhibitors access to your attendee list but you should also give attendees access to exhibitors with sorting and filtering features that make it easy to figure out who they want to meet.

Matchmaking apps cut down on the back and forth of scheduling meetings. No more emails or texts back and forth asking if a certain time slot is available. This technology updates in real time so everyone can see what time slots work and which are taken. Keep the communication ongoing. Make sure your attendees and exhibitors can follow up with one another and keep in touch. Select software that allows follow-ups to be scheduled outside of your event.

Cut the WiFi, no seriously. You can do what the Kit Kat chocolate bar brand did. They declared a WiFi-free zone where they blocked all mobile and WiFi signals for a radius of 5m.

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Use a game lounge. If you want people to linger and get to know one another. You can organize competitions around it or make the atmosphere a relaxing one. But giving people what they like to do in their free time and providing them a place to do it among other attendees will help them get acquainted naturally. This is a clear signal that event organizers no longer leave their networking success up to chance, rather actively want to be hands on and take action in contact initiation.

If you would like to receive a detailed version of the study results, please send an e-mail to info at converve. Mark found the potential of combining technology with events so fascinating that he founded an event technology company 10 years ago.

The innovative entrepreneur hangs out with his dog Mylo in his free time and loves to travel. Networking is one of the main reasons exhibitors and visitors take part in and go to fairs.

Business Matchmaking Software

Here are some valuable tips on how you can convince your fair visitors of the use of your matchmaking platform. Matchmaking Services professionalize the exchange between exhibitors and trade fair visitors. Why should an exhibitor take part? How can you as an event organizer best motivate your exhibitors to do so?

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Timing is crucial for matchmaking at a B2B event. Which steps should an event manager take to facilitate effective networking? Linda shares her experience! Whether you are an organizer or participant in a networking event: With the Converve platform, you can optimally prepare for tradeshows, conferences and other events.

Here you will find useful information and tips. Are Event Managers "Multiple Personalities"?

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When you have reached a decision, you may send meeting requests — and let the matchmaking begin! Central meeting venue — An email or text reminder will be sent to both participants for meetings in a pre-confirmed area at the Africa Energy Indaba. Testimonials from past Business Matchmaking Programme Participants.