Best hookup bars in seattle

Singles can go in and enjoy a strong drink and mingle with other seafood lovers. The atmosphere is very casual and the wait staff is friendly. Seating is limited, but usually clears out after happy hour, which runs daily from 4 p. Because the place is so small, there is not any room for dancing, but the food is more than worth a visit.

This is a great place to bring single co-workers for after-work drinks. Best Martini Lounges In Puget Sound Nicole Ramage is a full-time single parent as well as a full-time student who works from home as a freelance writer. Currently living in Portland, Oregon, she takes many trips to the Seattle area for work as well as shopping excursions. Her work can be found at Examiner. These new spots are sure to satisfy your cravings. We've found a lineup of eateries and a vineyard worth checking out.

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I walk in and am immediately five inches taller and five times more alluring. I can't help it, it's the room--a deeply satisfying cocoon, dark and windowless, completely closed off from the world and the weather and all other signs of practical life. Lonely hearts are scattered at the bar, staring into their Sapphire and tonics. A group of wealthy hotel guests, brand-new Mariners logos smeared across their chests, shares late-night fancy food: It's all so civilized. I feel confident, grown-up, foxy even in this light, everyone has perfect skin.

Conversations around me are low, respectful, as if in reverence of our esteemed surroundings; with dark wood everywhere, brocade chairs, and thick carpets, everything drips of tradition and class the Sorrento has been around since For the love of God, don't go ordering a grape nehi here.

Example of a house specialty: Stick to gin or rye, and by all means bring a hot date--you won't find more privacy and elegance elsewhere. If you fly solo at the Fireside, do so at your own risk: But don't say I didn't warn you if you get stuck at the bar with the guy who insists he's Bill Gates' brother. If you're a man, just put on some khakis, a dark blue sports jacket, and a button-down white shirt no tie. For women, a casual business suit in any color will do.

The Best Singles Bars In Seattle

Stroll into the place around 8: Drink until you can barely stand, then ask for the check. This place gets so few Seattleites, thanks to its proximity to the Convention Center, that the servers are content with a room number and an indecipherable signature. Even the most incompetent grifter could bamboozle this joint. Maybe it's the unabashedly fake "living room" that sits away from the bar, suited only for superficial chitchat and the swapping of business cards.

Maybe it's the neutral beige lighting. Or maybe it's the open way the bar's boundaries blend into the hotel's pricey jewelry store. In any case, this place knows exactly what it is--a corporate booze pit--and there's something comforting in that.

After Dark Part 1 - S4 E7 - Sounds by the Sound

That's not entirely fair: Not all the businessmen in the Four Seasons are fat. Some are just as fit and trim as they are far from home The Georgian Terrace is the smaller of the Four Seasons' two bars, with just eight barstools tucked into a closet-sized space. There are a few tables scattered here and there in the lobby, and the cocktails are served up with darling and easily stolen silver bowls.

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If you're looking to make contact with an honest-to-goodness out-of-towner, the Terrace is the place to start. The seats are close together, there's a TV in the corner, and you pretty much have to rub up against people to get into the bar, making it almost impossible to avoid engaging the people around you in conversation.

But once you meet someone you like, pick up your drinks and move to the Garden Court. Two airy stories high, the dimly lit Garden complete with live trees is a perfect place to disappear and let your tongue and fingers do the talking. Who cares if the expansive space--with brass, marble, and beige everywhere you look--is one big corporate template?

No one's here for the ambience.

Wallingford Nightlife

The point is getting laid. On a recent Tuesday night, an hour before last call, I was surrounded by half a dozen couples who whispered and giggled and canoodled shamelessly, ignoring the nervous laughter from a lone group of out-of-town businessmen. Pours are generous here, with a ton of top-shelf single malts to choose from, along with requisite silly tourist drinks like the "Seattle Sunrise": Myers's rum, orange juice, pineapple, and cranberry.

The Stranger's Guide to Hotel Bars

And the bartenders are excellent, discreetly looking the other way as their customers make out on couches and slurp on third rounds, gearing up for the main event. Not that I've spent the night here or anything. She says a few words to the much older man sitting next to her, and both leave the bar with an air of concern.

I ask the bartender if things will pick up anytime soon.

He starts to watch the large sports TV that seems so out of place in this fancy bar, with its elegant couches each laden with fat pillows and slender barstools. I enter the elevator and ascend to the top floor. But Hilton's heaven is almost empty, too. There is one happy couple eating an expensive snack by a wide window, and the small bar is manned by a beautiful East African woman. So is Kells pub. Check out the Matador in Ballard and all the other bars in Ballard. Depends what you're looking for in a lady: U District- Easy hookups. Just make sure to ditch her mother-hen friends. Downtown- Easy pickings on tourists.

Easy to please and you get to wake up in her hotel room. Just pretend not to see the ring. Capitol Hill- Shes being quiet, casually mentions something about the music, looks you up and down then her mind drifts off as you both stare at your beers, silent for like fifteen minutes- you'll either take her home for wild times in the sack or she completely hates your guts. Ballard- Easy pickings with big groups of thirtysomethings. Tell them how young they look.

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