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The has gained popularity [ citation needed ] with modern hard rock , hardcore punk and metal bands and guitarists due to its large amount of distortion. Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains uses this amplifier. While touring with Van Halen , Cantrell asked Eddie Van Halen, "if I could buy [one] off him at the end of the tour with them, and when I got home there were three full stacks and two guitars waiting for me.

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The Bandit amp series are solid-state combo guitar amplifiers. The Bandit amplifiers were introduced in and remain in production today The earliest model Bandits had a power rating of 50 watts RMS into an 8 ohm speaker.

Peavey Amp Serial Number look up - Peavey Audio Players & Recorders

The power rating has gradually increased over time, and current model Bandits are rated at 80 watts RMS into 8 ohms, and watts RMS into 4 ohms. In the mids, the Bandit was used to introduce Peavey's proprietary TransTube circuitry, a solid-state technology aimed at emulating the sound of tube amplifiers. Peavey's line of guitar amplifiers made specifically for blues, jazz, and classic rock players.

The original Classic series amplifiers were introduced in the s and were originally called the Peavey 'Vintage' series which the first releases used 6C10 tubes in the pre-amp, NOT solid State. The Original Vintage is watts, whereas the and the are only 50 watts The original Classic was a 50 watt amp and two inch speakers and a spring reverb, with two preamps for "clean" and "distortion" channels.

They could be used separately, or by plugging the instrument into the "parallel" connection, which fed both preamps, allowing selection of one from the other using a foot switch.

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The instrument could also be plugged into the "series" connection, running first through the "clean" channel and feeding that into the "distortion" channel, providing a means of over driving the distortion preamp, creating a much more versatile method of producing distortion. The current line of Classic series amplifiers consist of three variations of the "Classic" model, the Classic 30 , Classic 50 and They use 12AX7 preamp tubes, EL84 power tubes, and have spring reverb tanks.

From to , a 15 watts amp with a 10 inches speaker was also produced: The CS series amplifiers mainly the CS are some of the most used amplifiers in the world, and among Peavey's best selling products. The Radial Pro Series were Peavey's high end drum line. The flagship model consisted of a radial bridge that took all the mounting stresses, and a 3-ply thin maple shell to enhance the resonance. The basis for the JSX series, the XXX series provides a tonal range from what some call "glassy" cleans, to "full body" hi-gain tones using its 3 channel interface.

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The series came later. Originally, the Peavey XXX was set to become recording artist George Lynch's signature model but the deal never finalized. The Vypyr series of amps are modeling amplifiers. They generate different amplifier sounds based on digital models of various popular amplifiers.

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In addition to these amp models, these amps feature 11 editable pre-amp effects All But Vypyr 15 , 11 editable rack effects, on-board looper Vypyr 30, 60, 75, , , MIDI input Vypyr 30, 60, 75, , , and USB 2. The battery powered "Nano Vypyr" was introduced in as a competitor against other small portable modeling amps like the Roland Micro Cube and Fender Mini-Mustang.

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They are also programmable by way of computer software link. The TNT Series bass amplifier first entered the market in the late s as a watt combo with one inch speaker. It is most widely known for its guitar amplifiers and PA speakers. To date a Peavey amplifier, you can consult a number of books or online resources or you can contact the Peavey company directly.

Dating a Peavey C50 by serial number...

Examine the back of your Peavey amplifier. Write down the serial number, which consists of some letters followed by a set of numbers. Write down the model name and color. Contact the Peavey company at customerservice peavey. Send an email inquiring about the age of your amplifier. Include the model name, color and serial number. A representative will reply to your email within several days.

Dating a Peavey C50 by serial number...

Are there any other distinguishing features i can use to approximate the age of a Peavey Classic 50? The first year didn't have an FX loop Of course, this only applies to the heads I'm not sure about the combos. Peavey's customer service is generally fantastic.

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