Hook up wiimote to android

Unfortunately, there is no longer a solution to use your WiiMote as a controller for your Android.

Get your game on with a proper controller

Why not connect a PS4, Xbox, or other controller to Android for better gameplay? Use your WiiMote as a gamepad for your Android tablet or phone. Touch screens are great for some games, but for others you just need tactile response. Use your WiiMote as a gamepad with Wjoy.

How to Connect the Wiimote to Galaxy S3

This app doesn't enable motion controls on your Mac, but it Read More , but if you prefer to do your gaming on an Android device I highly recommend the free app WiiMote Controller. Curious how well this works?

That includes a bunch of games and most major emulators. Called Fast Pair, this makes it much easier to pair Bluetooth devices to your handset.

When you start the app there are two steps: The app includes two buttons for just that. Tap the connect button first:. You should be set now! Surely there's some sort of alternative? Read More , and get ready to play some games! Note that some games and emulators will require that you enable special controllers in order to work. Some games and emulators will seem to not work.

Make sure you configure the buttons in the input settings of your program. Ready to check this out for yourself?

How to connect a wiimote to an android device

Here are the best emulators on the Wii. The most recent hack, which has been working for a year now, Let me know anything creative you attempt in the comments below…or just link to other projects. I look forward to hearing from you, as always! Game Controller , Nintendo. Your email address will not be published.

How to connect your Wii Remote to your Android phone

Well I hope it does. However, for those of you who happen to own an Android device which lacks a physical keyboard — such as the Nexus One - actually playing these games is easier said than done. Thankfully bedroom coder Ryan Frawley has come up with a solution. Wii Controller IME establishes a Bluetooth connection between your phone and a Nintendo Wii Remote, thereby allowing you to control your games using this infinitely superior method. If this has piqued your interest then sit back and allow us to explain how this technological alchemy works.

Why Do I Want to Do This?

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