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Even the A now has an exception, if the chart on the wiki is up to date.

Wait, you're supposed to flank other tanks in a T? I was told to press 2,2, autoaim and fire away T is a decent medium for such, bit slow though imo, still good to follow the same pattern as the japs. I have no experience of these tanks however so no real idea about how they'd play. Schmeksiman, on 21 February - Slyspy, on 21 February - Did it get a buff in gun depression?

Not as bad as I thought. I will agree it is all rounder, with no specific outstanding quality, but I wouldn't say it is fantastic.

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To me it really felt average. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Does the MT get scout matchmaking? Started by nero , Feb 20 Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. I am asking if the MT and consecutive tanks in the line have scout matchmaking? And if they have what do you recommend?

WOTINFO - Weak points of MT

Krasnoarmeyets 2 Posted 20 February - Does the soviet medium line gets more mobile in higher tiers? I got one more question: My friend does not have IS yet but i will try to think of some other platoon strategies. T would be a decent choice to go with a KV All tier 6 and up light tanks. All tier 5 light tanks apart from the Crusader. Are you telling us that Luchs no longer gets scout MM? The 57 mm ZiS-4 has high accuracy and shell velocity but lacks both penetration and damage per shot. Also, although rate of fire is high, the gun depression is less than stellar.

Try to make the best use of your mobility and DPM by attacking isolated tanks and flanking them with your superior speed. When flanking and shooting the sides of enemies, regular AP is usually enough to do the job.

Better Matches

Since accuracy is high, you can try flanking opponents and shooting their sides at longer ranges as well. Alternatively, if they are in another light tank or a light TD, you can finish them with a ram many times due to quick speed and fairly heavy weight. Early on in the game before you do this, try to do passive scouting or mainly active scouting. Although view range and camo are outclassed, the speed allows you to quickly get to positions or duck from cover to cover before other rival scouts and you can help your team a lot.

MT was a proposal of a new light tank for the Soviet army. MT was not the sole example of the third party proposal concept, as there were some really strange ideas presented to the Soviet goverment spherical tanks, motorized skis, catapults but was one of the most reasonable ones. Nevertheless, the tank never left the blueprint stage. Fulfilling our duty to the Motherland in this period of relentless and heroic struggle of the Soviet people against the German fascist occupants, and protection of our honour, freedom, and independence, we developed blueprints of a new combat vehicle.

The vehicle we have developed is called MT, and is a wheeled vehicle, with every wheel being a drive wheel.

Does the MT-25 get scout matchmaking?

If tracks are added, the MT becomes a tracked vehicle. The vehicle's mass is 25 tons. The average speed is kph, maximum kph. Since every wheel is a drive wheel, the vehicle is very survivable. Even if half of the wheels are disabled, the vehicle does not stop.

When the engine uses a muffler, the vehicle moves silently. We ask you to consider our proposal and accept it as a gift in honour of the Red Army's 25th anniversary. Ver Fuente Ver historial.

Yamaha MT 25 500 meter

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