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LGBTQIA+ members: Dating apps help us find companions and even come out

More from our Partners. While customs are slowly changing, marriage remains the uncompromising end goal of relationships, and families still play dominant roles. Making a big push for Tinder in India may seem like an odd game plan for Match. In the U. And yet, India is an important market for Tinder because it has a growing younger population, and people are continuing to migrate toward large metropolitan areas. But Tinder is a way for them to escape the arranged-marriage shackles, and to independently find marital partners for themselves.

Some middle-class, urban families are now adjusting to the idea of accepting marriages for love.

Best Dating Apps In India - Find A Dating Partner

Matchmaking has always been a part of the culture in India, where Sunday papers are still filled with matrimonial ads. In a way, Western apps are simply an extension of these.

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Tinder has added two unique features in India to try to combat societal issues and gain an upper hand against the incumbents. The feature allows only the woman to start the conversation once matched with a man, similar to the way rival dating app Bumble operates.

Eat, pray, love: Finding love online - Mail Today News

It means women can feel safer by vetting a match online before meeting him in person, says Taru Kapoor, the newly promoted general manager of Match Group in India. In its effort to make the gay and transgender community more at ease, Tinder rolled out an extended list of gender options in November, after consulting with an organization called The Humsafar Trust, which advocates for LGBTQ rights. Meeting people organically can be hard for gay people in India, where heterosexual mingling dominates public spaces in cities. In this sense, apps could be democratizing for marginalized communities, Sadana said. The app is associated with less committed relationships, and casual sex is stigmatized in that country. So, Match is relying on another, more conservative, dating app. In , Match acquired that app, Pairs. It focuses on serious relationships and fulfills the traditional mentality that couples will get married.

Because the Japanese have notoriously heavy work schedules and use cell phones at high rates, online dating answers a lot of needs, she adds. Crucially, Pairs developers are already clued into niche customs.

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